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Alterations with Rukshana

Ever wonder how to make that new costume fit you comfortably and securely?  Have you received a costume in the mail and wondered who could wear it as is?  Then this is the class for you.  Bring your costume and we will walk through the alteration process together.  Tips and tricks to creating a great fit will be covered. Some hand sewing skills are a must.  The first 3 people to sign up will have an actual fitting with Rukshana and your alterations will serve as class demonstration.  Limited to 10 participants.  Cost is based on the number of participants.

Cabaret Bra and Belt Construction with Rukshana

This is a hands on class that will include costume design basics, useful ready to wear alteration techniques and assorted tricks of the trade used to create stunning custom fit bra and belt sets.  The technique works equally well for tribal style costumes.  Students will receive a materials list upon registering and a detailed hand out will be provided by the instructor.   Limited to 6 participants.  Class meets 4 times for a total of 10 hours of instruction.  Homework will be given.  Cost is based on the number of participants in the session.

 *Some hand sewing skills required and a sewing machine is very helpful*

Low Water Immersion Dyeing
Low water immersion dyeing is a fast and fun way to create brilliant colors on silk veils.  The results are unlimited variations of color and value.  Students will work with Procion MX dyes and leave the workshop with a veil that they created.  Please wear old clothing and be prepared to get messy.  No dye experience required.   Class size is dependent upon available facilities (access to water is required).  Cost is based on the cost of materials and number or participants.

Balance props: Sword and Tray Techniques

Ever wanted to learn how to keep a sword or tray on your head without looking like you’re working too hard?  How about some cool moves to do while performing with these items?  Performing with swords and trays cross the tribal/cabaret divide.  This class will introduce the novice to the techniques and tricks used by dancers performing with balance props and provide challenging combos for the more experienced dancer.  Requirements: sword or tray (if new to this, look for a tray with a 14 to 16” diameter that has some weight to it). Hair with product in it works better than sparkly clean hair. Hair combs help to level your head under the tray, as do headbands and some flat flowers. 
   Limited to 12 participants.

Kicking it Up a Notch:  Take Your Sword to the Floor

This workshop will focus on floor work while using the sword as an integral part of the dance.  The ups, downs and some gooey moves in the middle that leave the audience wanting more will be covered.  Extra attention will be paid to smooth transitions, movement flow, use of negative space and musicality as it relates to the dance.  Working costume ‘choreography’ into the dance will also be addressed (yes you can wear a skirt and do floor work!).  Participants should wear pants and bring a cabaret style circle skirt as well as their swords.  This class is for those comfortable with a sword on their head and who are able to get up and down easily.  If you do not own a sword bean bags will be provided to ‘balance’ on your head—this will increase the awareness of balance and position within the move.  KNEEPADS or a YOGA MAT are HIGHLY recommended!

Sword, Tray, Basket or Book:   Balance Technique Made Fun!

This class will explore balance technique through the use of exercises and games to improve concentration, coordination, special awareness and over all dexterity in the dance.  Students will be provided with a variety of tools designed to build their confidence with their prop of choice in performance while encouraging them to think outside the box.  This workshop will benefit beginners to professionals with its innovative theatrical approach to technique/teaching.  

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