Rukshana Raks!

costume gallery

The pieces shown on this page are examples of alterations, retrofits, and new builds for myself and clients.  They are not available for purchase.

Custom Dyed Veil, Mounted Mirrored Bra and Belt Set w/ Circle and a Half Pants and Sleeves

Pant Detail

Beaded Bra and Belt Set

Lace Tribal Ruffle Capri

Rebuilt Vintage Banjara Choli

Steampunk Belly Dance

Tribal Style Bras in Larger Cup Sizes

Custom Bra and Skirt Set
Scratch Built Coin Bra and Belt
Commission Set

Ombre Dyed Silk Charmuse and
Silk Stretch Velvet Mermaid Skirt
w/ Matching Veil

Gwazee Coat w/Faux Layering, Bra, Belt and Faux Turban

 Beaded Bedlah

Spanish Influenced Bra and Skirt Set Undecorated

Double Layer Circle and a Half Skirt with 
Monofilament Hem.

 Tie Front Tops, Pants, and Flirt Skirts

Dance Dress

Tie Front Top w/ Cinch Side Skirt

Bollywood Choli, 8 Point Skirt and Pants
Detail of 'Shattered Glass' Belt

Troupe costumes

 Shisha and Coin Bra and Belt

Mermaid skirt w/Shisha and Coin
Bra and Belt

Bra Replaced and Top Rebeaded, Ruffles Added
for Length, Ruffled Arm Band Built and Beaded to Match Costume

Copper Flair Pants w/ Attached Skirt and Sleeves

Restored and Resized Vintage Costless Coins Set

   Low Water Immersion Dyed Veils

Green 4 Way Stretch Velvet Skirt w/ 2 Limited Stretch Overlay

Choli and Lengha Constructed from a Sari
Bra and Skirt Set
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