Rukshana Raks!

client photos

Alika wearing 'Barbie'

Pants, Flirt and Ruki Tie Top

Mounted Cost Less, Skirt, Vest

Shoshanna Qamar
Older Bella in Original Format

Original Bra with Sleeves Removed

Interior on Original Bra

Interior on Restructured Bra

Tie Top, Flirtie Skirt, Pants

Finished Restructured Bra

Alexandria Dance Co.

"Rukshana is not only an efficient designer, but versatile and creative. I have worked with her in theatre and in dancing and am always amazed at what she can do with a bit of fabric! She also knows what looks good on her clients and aims for a perfect blend of her own vision and what flatters the client."

Bella Remodel
"I purchased my first Bella on Bhuz, and it was an older design. It was a beautiful color and had the signature stunning Bella beadwork, but the sports-bra-cum-vest shape of the bra was a bit clumsy and overwhelmed my small frame. After removing some extra fringe and the mini-sleeves myself I still wasn't satisfied and even considered selling it. When a potential buyer suggested a major overhaul I decided to entrust the tricky task to Rukshana, otherwise known as the Costume Goddess of Phoenix. The results were fabulous!!! She kept the gorgeous integrity of the costume and streamlined it so that it now looks more contemporary and much more flattering to my shape. It was more than worth the very reasonable fee she charged for what must have been a lot of work. Plus Rukshana was wonderful to work with - she really listened, really heard exactly what I was trying to accomplish and had the formidable skills required to achieve it. I'd trust her with any costume, any time! Thanks Rukshana!!!!"
Shoshanna Qamar

"I love Rukshana. Her work is always beautiful, and incredibly comfortable to wear.  I love her pants; they fit like a dream and look fantastic. No more muffin tops - finally something that fits me so well."

"I have worked with Rukshana in business and as a client of her beautiful costumes.  I'm amazed at the depth of her tallent!  She only needs to look at something and she can make it better than the original.  Her ready to wear line is so comfortable and functional;  it allows you to get a full range of motion in your dance.  If it hadn't been for Rukshana designing my costume for Wiggles of the West I don't think I would have won!  I received very high marks for costuming and several judges wanted my costume!"
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